Meetings are currently held each week for Worship, Fellowship, Prayer, and Bible Study, at the following times.


Tuesday: from 7.15pm for Prayer

Our meetings for prayer are intended for prayer and supplication, and as a time to seek the Lord.


Thursday: 7.30pm for Bible Study (teaching)

These meetings are teaching-based studies of the scriptures†.
We are currently studying the Book of Revelation.


Sunday: from 6.30pm for worship, fellowship, and preaching of the Word

These meeting are set aside as opportunities to worship the Lord, and are "open" meetings in which all the saints may freely participate. As the Lord leads there will be opportunities to bring the Word of the Lord, whether through the spiritual gifts or through preaching. In this environment we often break bread together. We do not follow a set pattern or programme. Worship is extemporary.


Please note: There will be no fellowship meetings during August and September.


In all our studies and teaching, we believe that the Scriptures alone interpret Scripture, and that the Scriptures are perspicuous and authoritative in their teaching, and that being “Spirit breathed” (unlike the teachings of men) they are inherent and infallible.



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